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  • How it all began!

    I am the owner and operator, Brenda Aroz, and I run my business from my home. This is a little history on how it came to be.

    My mother was an avid sewer and she made a lot of the family clothing; plus she was always knitting. When my clothing needed repair, she would sit me down at the sewing machine and instruct me on how to repair it. I remember putting a zipper in the same pair of pants four times, and putting it in backwards every time. So eventually, I did get it in the proper way and I learned a valuable lesson – to do it right the first time.

    I took sewing classes in school and excelled. I developed a love for sewing. I remember shopping with my Mom in fabric shops where the fabrics were piled almost to the ceiling.

    After having my children, I also sewed for them, making clothing like jumpers, pajamas, hats and quilts. About this time, I began sewing alterations for my friends as well.

    For about fifteen years, I ran a daycare in my home. Over the years I sewed many costumes for the children to play in.

    As a military family, we moved around a lot and we lived in Germany for two years. While we were there, I made suits and clothing for the American and Canadian families, plus did various alterations.

    When we came back to Canada, I became interested in quilting and I enjoyed this so much that I made quilts for all my children and my grandchildren.

    In 2003, I began working for a tractor cab company where I prepared the tractor cab enclosures out of heavy vinyl, from scratch. I worked here for about seven years, on and off, being laid off each spring and rehired in the fall. In the summer of 2010, I decided that I would prefer to work from my home and hence… Stitches & Seams.

Located at: 18614 Prevost Point Road, RR1, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 5R5